Is a chromebook right for you?

chrome-bookLaunched in 2011, chromebooks gave us a different perspective on what a personal computer could do for us, working with the “cloud” chromebooks allow you to keep all your data safe in your google drive storage, allowing you to access your files and continue working on your home computer or laptop if needed.

At first chromebooks were not taking too seriously since they were a middle point between a laptop and a tablet and it was hard to decide whether to get one or the other but the benefits of a chromebook like the long lasting battery, portability and cloud storage made them a serious contender in the portable computing industry. There are also a number of mobile accessories manufactures that have created cases, keyboards, and business docks to support these chromebooks. So, it seems these are here to stay.

Nowadays chromebooks have a nice following and they keep getting better spec wise, their consumers are expanding, at first schools were the major consumer of chromebooks but now there are more average consumers on the look for a chromebook.

Chromebooks have several advantages:

  • Portability
  • Extended battery life
  • Full Keyboard and Touchpad
  • Simplicity
  • Reduced price

But they also have their disadvantages:

  • Limited to Chrome OS or Linux
  • Internet-based apps
  • Less power when compared to laptops

The question to ask when getting a new chromebook or laptop would be, what do I personally need? If you mostly browse the internet and don’t have specialized software on your computer like photo, video or audio editing software a chromebook might be good for you.

There are a lot of users who have a full featured laptop, with high-end specs but use them just to browse the internet or a word processor, switching to a chromebook might be beneficial in these cases, since the user would be saving a few bucks every time they need an upgrade and won’t compromise usability since the extended battery and portability make up for the lack of high-end hardware.

TechRadar just added a list with the top 10 chromebooks of 2016, starting at around the $200 dollars range and going up to the $999 in the case of the google pixel, which is one of the top chromebook available spec wise, you can take a look at the list here.

Android apps on chromebook?

There had been some rumors on the past that chromebooks were going to get access to download apps from the play store, while this may not sound such a big deal for a lot of consumers, it actually is a big deal. Quoting ComputerWorld “In case you were hiding out in a bunker last week and didn’t hear, Google officially announced that it’ll soon be possible for you to download Android apps on Chromebooks and use them as if they were native programs on the platform.”

Compared to the chrome web store the android play store is way nicer in terms of organization and the amount of apps available for the respective devices. This move will turn the chromebook into a fully hybrid device, in the past you either got access to one of the stores or the other, this limited you to the “kind” of device that you were holding in your hands, with this move we will be able to use our chromebook more as a tablet device or as a laptop device depending on our needs at the moment.

So there you have it, hope this article was of helpful when thinking of buying a chromebook for you or your loved ones.