Reviews on the cheapest LED televisions present in the market

LED televisionsTelevision has become an important and cheap source of entertainment. However, still now if you want to enjoy the real theatre type experience, then you have to buy an HD and LED TV. Here you will get to know about cheap LED TV straight from the house of Orion.

Orion T LED TV 16D / LED

If you want a modest TV with the low price, good image features and no sophisticated functions, then this TV is just for you. It is probably the cheapest TV of its type. The dimension of this TV is somewhat small. It has a thickness of only 4-3 cm and the diagonal is of 41 cm. It’s a simple TV with a black screen, wide frame and a glossy case made of plastic. Some of its features are given below:

  • Connectivity: It doesn’t have many fancy ports for connection. However, it has SCART, USB port, VGA jack, HDMI port, headphone output and a CI + slot.
  • The quality of image and sound: It has a resolution of 1366 x 768, which will provide you clear, smooth and real image with good contrast. If you want to detect all the details, then you have to watch it from a maximum distance of 2m. It also has two front speakers with a strong sound and a good list of equalizer.
  • Special: As a unique feature, it has a function, which is called Personal Video Recorder, commonly known as PVR. Using this function, you can record your favourite broadcast on an external storage device. It also has an integrated multimedia player and a digital tuner which will receive signals without external decoding. It will cost you only 400lei, so it’s economic and power efficient as it just needs 30W to operate.

Orion T LED TV 19D / LED

Orion T LED TV 19DThis is very similar to the first one, so the different features are noted here. It is bigger from the previous one as it is of 19 inches. It comes in a classy look with a hard solid support and black and glossy plastic casing. Some other features are given below:

  • Connectivity: It has a PC input port, USB port, CI + slot and SCART.
  • Image quality: it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which features good display. The display angle for good visibility is 45°. Due to its PC input, you can use it as monitor also.
  • Special note: It also has integrated multimedia system and decoders, but the performance of the remote is very poor. The consumption is less and this will cost you only 500 lei.

Orion T LED TV 22D / PIF / L

As the name suggests, this TV is of 22 inches with a reasonable cost of 600 lei. It has a slender frame and glossy casing with weak support. Rest of its feature are given below:

  • Connectivity: It has a D-SUB, USB input, SCART, CI + slots, PC input port and HDMI port.
  • The quality of image and sound: The maximum resolution can go up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The brightness, contrast and picture quality is fairly good. The time of response is noted as 5ms. The sound quality is weak, clear and with less bass element.
  • Special: It comes with PVR function, good multimedia player and digital decoder than other TV of its series.