The four best digital pianos for beginners

piano-for-beginnersThe process of learning is continuous and the learner must always start from the beginning. This applies to everything, even while learning how to play a piano. For learning the piano, one must first choose the piano which will be easy to use and play. Usually, digital pianos are considered as the most suitable for beginners in the field of learning piano. However, choosing a piano can be very difficult. Buying a feature-rich digital piano can be more than what you will actually need, while buying a really basic digital piano can mean that you will feel underpowered and may not even learn enough. So, this guide here will help you choose the best piano for beginners by reviewing the top digital pianos in the market.

Alesis Recital 88-Key

This piano is one of the best digital pianos available in the market. The Alesis Recital is a nice full sized piano featuring 88 keys. The piano has a very powerful speaker system which gives a nice and clear sound. Also, this piano has 128 maximum polyphony and five realistic voice settings for exciting the student’s creativity. This piano is thus, very popular amongst beginners due to its learner-friendliness and its special learning features.

Williams Legato

This piano is also very popular mainly because it provides so many features while being so cheap. This piano is essentially designed for learners due to its many features that encourage creativity. This piano also has full 88 keys, though they are semi weighted. Also, a special feature called split keyboard feature is included which allows the beginner to perform and learn alongside the teacher. This piano has nice digital speakers and also a metronome to adjust the sound properly. Many effects such as chorus effects are also added to make this piano a really unique musical instrument.

Casio Privia PX160

The Privia PX160 is the successor to the already very famous PX150 piano from Casio. This piano features an even better sound quality and feel. This keyboard is extremely good due to its Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II technology, which gives the best precision while playing the keyboard. This makes the experience extremely satisfying. Also the sound quality is greatly improved compared to the PX150. This also features split-keyboard and dual headphone facilities faster learning.

Yamaha P45

This piano also provides a nice experience to beginners. It has weighted keys, which gives an effect of playing an actual grand piano. The keys are touch sensitive, which even enhances the natural feel. The sound quality is also improved due to its Advanced Wave Memory Stereo sampling. Also, it is very easy to use and has a one button operation for accessing most of its features. Thus, this piano is chosen by many beginners who want convenience along with the feel of a grand piano.

A grand piano is not at all affordable. Thus, the beginners cannot actually experience such a piano. However, they can buy digital pianos which are not only very learner friendly, but also gives an experience similar to that provided by a grand one.