What are the various aspects of the LED reflective safety vests?

3As you know LED reflective vests are used for safety. They are used by many people for various activities throughout the day. They are used by the workers at the highway, the railway, the cyclists, the policemen and so on. This particular article has information about the use of LED reflective vest for biking.

Before talking about the specifications of LED vests for biking, here are a few features and applications of the LED reflective safety vests:

  • Features:

They are made up of LED and they have the property of flashing which gives high visibility to the viewers even from a distant place. They are easy to wear and carry around as they are exceptionally light weight in nature. These vests also consume very little amount of power. LEDs usually have high durability, so it can be said that these vests are also functional for a long time. These vests also have highly reflective stripes.

  • Applications:

These vests are used by various people for several activities, like joggers, police, pedestrians, construction workers, valet or parking attendants, safety workers, night workers, cyclists and many more.

Usually, LED vests for running, walking, jogging, cycling and biking, come in a combo pack which contains an LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and two LED Slap-on Wristbands.

Here are some of the specifications you should know before you buy one.

  • Ultra-High Visibility:

The LED vest has a light diffusion fibre optics which provides a 360-degree ultra-high visibility especially during night time activities and in the dusk. The two wristbands usually have four to five bright LED lights, which help increase the visibility during night sports like running, cycling, walking, so that they are seen by the fast moving vehicles.

  • Comfortable and light weight:

It is very easy to wear and is extremely comfortable to use as it weighs nothing more than 4.8 oz.

  • Modes of operation:

This vest has three different modes of operation. With the touch of a button, these different modes can be operated. You can get fast flashing light or bright steady and slow light which gives a greater visibility for the viewers. This vest is way better than any other reflective sports gears.

  • Available in Unisex size:

These LED vests fits both men and women perfectly. It can be adjusted to your convenience so as to ensure a perfect fit. This enables the vest to stay in a proper position throughout the complete range of motion. It can be used anytime throughout the year and can be used over a jacket or a shirt or anything else.

There are many LED vests available in the market. But among all, ITL LED high visibility vest strip is considered to be the best one. It comes with a warranty of one year for defects and 60 days’ money back guarantee. This particular vest has 4CR2032 3V batteries in the vest and 2CR2016 3V lithium ion batteries in the wristband. All of these batteries are replaceable too.