What is a balance scooter?

What is a balance scooter?

2 wheel self balancing scooterA balance scooter, which is also called a self-balancing two-wheeled board, is a portable and rechargeable battery-operated motor vehicle. This vehicle usually consists of two wheels which are arranged side-by-side and linked by two small platforms upon which the rider can stand and it also has an internal balancing tool. This device is controlled by the rider’s feet on the censored and gyroscopic platform. This board is a Chinese invention.

Where to get balance scooters?

Balance Scooter Warehouse is one such company which is well known in producing the best balance scooters. Its headquarters is located in South Florida. This personal transportation media helps to keep the environment clean.
So how does balance scooter work? It is very simple. All you have to do is follow three simple steps. First, in order to move backward or forward, all you have to do is slightly lean backward or forward. Second, to turn right just lean on left foot and to turn left lean on your right foot. Third, to stop the vehicle, just stand straight on the platform.

Here are a few specifications of a balance scooter which is useful for a rider. This balance scooter has a pressure censor in each of the footplate which helps in monitoring the rider’s weight distribution. When the rider leans forward or backward on the foot the motor will individually adjust the speed to help in easy and accurate control of the vehicle. You do not have to struggle to balance as the gyroscopic motor does all the hard work for you. This is a new technology which is called as the Dynamic stabilization which is helpful in keeping the scooter in a self-balanced position.

When there is green light on, then it means that the battery is 100% charged. When it shows yellow light then it means that the battery is 50% and when red light is seen then the battery is at 20% charging. If you discontinue the use of your scooter for a long period, say two to three weeks, make sure you charge it for a couple of minutes before using it because the batteries tend to self-discharge when not in use. This self-discharging rate usually depends on the temperature of the environment in which it is stored. Extensive hot or cold temperature will drain the batteries at a much faster rate. Thus, it is advisable to store them under normal room temperature. Also, there is a warranty of one year for your battery.

When you buy your self-balancing scooter from balancescooterwarehouse.com then you get an option of return within 14 days of purchase. But when you return it make sure that the scooter is in brand new condition and should be returned in the same box as received along with the receipt. This scooter is not recommended for children whose age is below 14 years. Make sure you read all instructions mentioned in the user manual properly in order to avoid any kind of injury due to collision, falling down or loss of control. Remember this scooter is meant for short distance trips and amusement.