What is Induction Cooking?

induction cookingSo exactly, what is induction cooking? Since I’m somewhat of a nerd, I love to keep up with new technology. But in reality, induction cooking has been around for around 100 years to some extent. But I call it a relatively new technology because it’s only been with recent technological developments that are making induction cooking more feasible and affordable. It’s funny to me because induction cooking is now beginning to become popular here in the US since I was first introduced to it years ago. Induction cooking has been quite popular in Asia for the past 20 years, and I heard about it when I first visited Japan. But I didn’t get one till a few years later; I wish I bought one sooner! Enough about me, since this might be your first time learning about it. Let’s just get straight into it and start with the basics.

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

So within your induction cooktop, there is a copper coil that creates a magnetic field. (Doesn’t it look an awesome computer?)

This magnetic field produced by the cooktop creates an electric current with your pot or pan, which has to be a magnet-friendly cookware.

From that electric current between the pot and the induction cooktop, it creates heat which essentially cooks your food.

How Does Induction Cooktop Compare To The Gas Cooktop regarding Cooking Power (BTU)?

A typical home gas range provides at most 12,500 BTU. (BTU is the unit to measure cooking power.) Now, most induction cooktops are measured in watts, and most induction cooktops usually have a maximum power capacity of 1,800watts or 1.8kW. This makes it a bit difficult to compare since they’re in different units. But with the help of scientists who are smarter than me, we can simply convert watts into BTU, which will allow us to make a fair comparison.

kW x 7185 = BTU

1.8kW x 7185 = 12,933  BTU

Average Gas Cooktop = 12,500 BTU

Difference with Induction Cooktop = 433 BTU

As you can see, the typical induction cooktop creates 433 BTU more maximum cooking power than your typical gas range of 12,500 BTU. That mean you will cook faster with more precision like driving a Ferrari while using significantly lower amounts of energy. Of course, if you’re cooking for hundreds of people, you can also get even a higher powered induction cooktops maxing at 3,000 watts. But for a typical home, 1,800 watts induction cooktop provides more than enough cooking power to feed a family of six.

So How Much Faster Is Induction Cooking?

As you can see in a video that my friends have made, an induction cooktop at the highest setting can bring water to boil in about 30 seconds and definitely under one minute. It’s incredible and quite unbelievable.

I hope I’ve convinced you that induction cooking is pretty awesome and honestly, in my opinion, the future of cooking. Make sure to read about our best induction cooktop in India reviews. Now that you know what induction cooking is, you can read and learn more about the pros and cons of induction cooking here.